Order of commemorating Bishops in the liturgy

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What is the correct order?

Is it
1) Pope
2) Bishop of the diocese being prayed in
3) other metropolitans/bishops in order of synodal seniority?

Does this mean that the bishop of the diocese comes before a visiting metropolitan?
And how many bishops (other than the bishop of the diocese) need to be present to be able to say nee etkee neman?


  • The bishop of the diocese's name should be mentioned after the pope directly before any other bishops, unless there is a metropolitan or Bishop who wears the Eskeem as Bishop Sarabamoun of St. Pishoy monastery. In this case after the pope, you mention the metropolitan, the Bishop who wears the Eskeem, Bishop of the diocese, then the rest of the Bishops.

    Source: HG Bishop Youseff, SUS
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    Does anyone have a list of the bishops who wear the eskeem?
  • Pope Shenouda gave it to all the heads of the monasteries back in the day, I'm not sure which are still around now and even if they are, they're very old so probably aren't traveling as much
  • Ok. If anyone knows, please post it here!
  • Btw does anyone think that's part of the reason the Pope (at least nowadays) has to have the eskeem, to justify being mentioned first?
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