Please publish the names and official addresses of the Coptic priests and bishops who have local and synodal authority for this TASBEHA.ORG/ Coptic Church.net Forum.

    Please also publish the Forum’s censorship/ defamation policy and disclaimers. How is the Forum’s censorship/ defamation policy related to the Morsi/ el-Sisi regimes and the Shenouda/ Tawadros transition? I’ve noticed some slight censorship changes, no improvements, on this Forum, to commemorate the Morsi/ el-Sisi change in Egyptian national leadership. Is this a "cause and effect" matter? Censorship on the Forum has worsened drastically during the imposition of national censorship by the Morsi and el-Sisi takeovers. I don’t recall any theological censorship in this forum during Pope Shenouda’s tenure.

    The Forum’s change, from resort to encouragement of (cheering on) defamatory responses by heterodox unofficial, pseudo-scientific, “moderators”, against currently unpopular, but long established principles of Orthodox Scriptural gender and family theology (clearly defined by SS Peter and Paul, who were remembered yesterday in the old, traditional Coptic Synaxarium) during the papacy of Pope Shenouda (even after Father Farrington’s withdrawal), has been replaced by the modern slightly insulting, dismissive, arbitrary summary censorship (~ Morsi/ el-Sisi, without death sentences, yet). During this transitional period, the traditional Orthodox vs. modern scientific, eligibility of “quick monk” general bishops was pretty thoroughly discussed. Now,  the Holy Spirit will judge whether traditional father led, Orthodox families will be restored? Or, will the divorce loving modern Coptic psychological counselling industry witness a viral Coptic divorce epidemic growth from the “cottage” Coptic divorce and “scientific” counselling tumor that the Shenouda “advances” planted in duped Coptic clergy and families? I’ve experienced a complete resort to arrogant, unexplained, arbitrary, summary censorship of traditional Orthodox Apostolic Christian gender and family theology and practice on the Forum, since the beginnings of the Morsi, el-Sisi and Tawadros regimes. How does this secrecy benefit the Egyptian, or Coptic people?

    For maximum spiritual enlightenment, all of these eternally relevant issues -  Scripture, Orthodox Church Fathers, heresies, sciences, and all - should be openly discussed on the Forum, and by the Coptic Synod. The open discussion should take place now, rather than in another twenty years, when the Coptic divorce rate (and other morality norms) will meet the general national statical measurements.

    Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill understands the crucial moral and social dangers of feminism. The Coptic Synod could benefit Coptic families for this and future generations by obtaining, studying, teaching and applying the principles of Russian Orthodox theology that Patriarch Kirill depends upon for his strongly expressed concerns.
http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/apr/09/feminism-destroy-russia-patriarch-kirill     ;


  • Do you really think this forum is officially run by the church? You have no concept of Orthodox forums. Do you really think everyone and everything you disagree with is medium of Satan because we closed a forum thread. If you take a look around at other Orthodox forums, you will see how relatively relaxed we are with policies. We want everyone to share but we will not condone your attacks. What you have done here at this site would be grounds for administrative disciplinary action from the first word on any Orthodox forum site.  Do you think any other Orthodox site condones attacks against clergy or repetitive, unsubstantiated claims of feminism? (even your beloved Russian Orthodox Church and ROCOR does not condone it)

    And now you want to claim that when someone tells you to stop, it must mean they are part of Morsi/el-Sisi regimes. This doesn't even make sense since these two are polar opposites. Yet you refuse to substantiate any of your claims and when we tighten the reigns on your defamatory rant, you claim we are the ones with a defamatory agenda against St Peter and Paul. All of this is so offensive and sinful but we have let you speak your mind through countless threads. You will have to answer to God for your sins, just like me or anyone else. This is between you and God. However, we draw the line when your claims attack our clergy (even the late Pope Shenouda). 

    If you want to continue a discussion, it has to be an exchange, not a one-sided defamation against anyone who disagrees with you. By the way, opening new threads to complain against administrators is not ok. 
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