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Hi Everyone
The website HisVine is seeking a few servants from USA & UK to help out with this project.
HisVine is a website that helps servants reach out to the members of the coptic community that they serve. It's a tool to help servants in there ministries.

If you are interested in lending a hand. Please reply back on this forum
Thanks :)


  • could you send us a link to the site?
    may God bless u in the last week of the fast and in the celebration of the feast of the apostles on saturday :-)
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    The Link is www.hisvine.com
    God Bless you too Mabsoota :)
  • ok, i went on the link, and in order to register, you have to choose your church from a drop down list.
    there are only 2 churches listed in uk!
    as i have personally visited many more than 2 churches, i can be sure they exist!
    so if you could fix this, i think more people would use the site.

    also if i am successful in getting the job i have applied for i will be between churches for a while (may even go to an eastern orthodox church as the oriental orthodox community there does not meet every week), so could there be an option for 'other, please state below'?

    lastly, if you are from stevenage, i might know you (you can check by pm!), so hello!
    peace and grace
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