Life of Repentance through fasting

Hello everyone, 

With the apostles' fast approaching, I want to ask a serious question, to which I hope people will seriously take the time to evaluate and offer their input. 

I have sins in my life, which I really would love to eradicate. Of course, the first thing a father of confession will offer is fasting and prayer. And we are reminded infinitely during lent that fasting and prayer are what all the saints performed, in order to become victorious over the world and sin. But nonetheless, I don't necessarily feel that I gained a definite grip on my sins during lent, and even if I gain some progress, it doesn't take much for me to lose what I gained and return to a state of peril and hopelessness. Can anyone here honestly say with confidence that they were able to conquer sin without reoccurrence, due to their fasting? And if so, what do you think I could be doing wrong? 



  • I have heard many times that Christ cares more about the struggle because obviously we can never completely stop sinning. So as long as you continue to struggle with erasing it, either you will continue to struggle forever, which is pleasing in God's eyes seeing as you're making an effort, or through God's grace He gives you the strength to stop the sin.
  • So potentially, I might never overcome a sin over my entire lifetime..?? I mean, I can understand falling into new sins and getting back up.. but to deal with the same thing forever seems pretty hopeless to me. 
  • It will depend on your effort in changing your life and deepening your relationship with Christ through things like prayer, quiet time, Bible reading, fasting, etc. With that said, He will offer you the grace as He sees fit for you and your struggle. This relationship does not develop overnight obviously. You should know that the closer you are with God, the more disgust you have towards your sins. The most important thing is that you cannot ever lose hope that you will overcome in the struggle. 

    Philippians 4:13
    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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    This is a great question and discussion. Keep in mind that fasting does not in and of itself eradicate a sin. Fasting is a tool that among other things, helps us to develop self-control. It's that self-control that we need in fighting sin. That's why fasting shouldn't be just about changing ingredients, or you may not actually successfully use it!

    There's a bit written about that topic here, if you're interested:

    Keep in mind, though, that we struggle with sin because we hope to live what we were created to be, but that we shouldn't be assessing ourselves in progress based on whether or not I fall or not. We look for a positive relationship with Christ, that in seeking virtue, sins become less. Get my drift? :)

    pray for me,
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