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I'm going to start this rather quickly. I don't know where my life is going and I don't even know where to start from. I have many hurts from many different places and the worst part is that I don't have anyone to connect with (which is also one of the struggles). I really want to my life to start looking like it's something I want to live for. I continuously try to comfort myself saying God is just putting me through trials for my own benefit but what if I just had enough? I would truly appreciate a one on one connection because quite frankly I don't have anyone in my life like that. Any help would be beyond greatly appreciated.



  • may God guide you.

    are you a Christian? do you have a confession father?

    please tell us just a few details so we can advise you (eg. we would give different advise to someone who is not sure if there is a God than to someone who is an orthodox Christian who goes to church regularly and prays at home also).

    or you can send me a personal message; i am a married lady without kids and i have been orthodox for 5 years; being a protestant Christian before that.

    it is good that you are looking for help, as God hears your prayers and loves you and will guide you

    this sermon from our dear departed pope shenouda may help you; it is called 'come back to God':

  • @Paanomia  

    If you need someone to talk to you I have an open ear for you. I have felt very similar to you in my life. If I were to go on I would only repeat what Mabsoota said. Feel free to email me: [email protected] 

    God Bless. 
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    ditto at what ItalianCoptic said. Feel free to holler at me in private here and we can connect.

    pray for me,
  • I think you can tell from my posts that I too have been through similar situations as yourself. 

    When you believe in God, and you pray for something, and you get the exact opposite you asked for, you can only come to the conclusion that obviously God is putting you through trials/tests. 

    I'm not too sure about that. Give God His time to answer your prayer, and don't judge Him. Don't expect Him to respond the way you want Him to respond either to your prayers. St Mary simply told Jesus that the Wine at the wedding of Canna had run out; she never told him how she wanted the problem solved, nor in what time frame, nor in what manner. She left that up to Christ to decide. She just told him the problem.

    I know God is patient, loving and kind, but as I said, if you do believe in God and you do have a relationship with Him, then your trust may be shaken when bad things in life happen. 

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