Help one of my friends wants to convert to orthodoxy...

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Hey guys one of my peers in class wants to convert to orthodoxy. After I talked to him.. He is originally catholic, Hispanic and goes to a Spanish speaking church....he said that he prefers Spanish over English let alone coptic or Arabic ... He just searched up orthodox church(in the area) and all we can find is Greek, Armenian, coptic etc... What do I do?! He said " is there a Spanish Orthodox Church... Again what do I do???
Thanks GBU all


  • Why does he want to become Orthodox? What are the reasons exactly?

    What did he research or find that appealed to him about becoming Orthodox? Why then Coptic Orthodox?

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    He said that he wants to be in the unchanged original ancient Christian church not any denomination that changed the Christian faith... I still told him to research more tho
  • Which area?
  • i think you should take him to your church.
    let him found out about the orthodox church and then he can work out how to translate it into spanish later.

    there are spanish speaking orthodox churches in countries where spanish is the majority language.
    if he is in usa, he will have to start out in english as it's the majority language.
  • im in south florida.... minasoliman.... ok thanks for the advice mabsoota... if anyone else has advice please share :)
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    There's one person I know. I forgot his name, but he's a convert into the Coptic church and prays at St. John's in Mirimar. He's Latino, and very religious and very kind. I remember sitting next to him translating a sermon for him. You can tell he's a convert. I met him 2 years ago. I'm not in Florida anymore but I hope he's still there.
  • yes i remember him! thanks for the advice but st johns church is far from me by about an hour so  but ill take it into consideration!
  • thanks italiancoptic i'm aware of all the churches! thanks for helping out :)
  • Well if he makes a trip out to Texas or New Mexico, he will have no problem there. Tell him to go meet Dzheremi in Albuquerque. Dzheremi is European and speaks Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Coptic and English. Or if he wants, he can visit our church in Mexico or Bolivia. Contact Bishop Youssef (Bolivia) and he'll send you recordings of the liturgy in Spanish. 
  • hahaha i told him! he said "im not going to mexico or bolivia any time soon" he doesnt go to many places...anyways thanks for the help remnkemi
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