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Dear Friends,

I am in desperate need of prayers. I am suffering from many many problems, especially financial. I cannot find a job and have lots of debt. I also have a host of other problems, health, family. Please pray dearly for me. I feel like I cannot go on. I pray day and night but do not see an answer.


  • may God help you orthodork.
    may you find work and courage.
  • Hang in there. Feel free to leave everything on the table and go for a walk or relax for even 30mins. It doesn't solve the problems but you need to deal with the stress also as that is not going to help with the health.

    I hope God resolves all your struggles and gives you strength and insight
  • These types of things help us remember that the world is not our friend, it helps us remain detached from worldly things. But its still tough, dont fret. Will pray.
  • Ioannes made a good point.

    And all of us, at one point of our life, have felt very desperate. Even St Paul did at one point of his glorious service. It is a war. You might lose a battle, but you will win the war by the grace of God.

    There is a positive aspect. If the world is not kind to you, you are on the right team or God wants you back and is using adversity to have you turn.

    Either way, you are the winner.

    Praying for you. It will not last for too long.
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