pre-servents lectures Orthodox Vs Protestant

Hey guys I wanted to share some Youtube videos about the Orthodox beliefs comparing to that of the Protestant beliefs. It's a pre-servants broadcast with the blessing of Anba Yousef of the SUS diocese. I think you will all enjoy it and learn a lot from it! Please spread it around!
GBU all.


  • my last bump :) 

  • what is a preservant?

    sounds like a servant preserved in oil.
    maybe a bit like fisikh.

    sounds a bit fishy to me...

  • lol haha :P its just getting prepared for being a sunday school servant preschool-preservants 
  • o, a preschool servant!
    i would never have guessed that!
    but don't call it a preservant.
    like i know you're american and have to invent new words, but it sounds terrible!

    by the way, i just got invited to a party where there will be fisikh! usually i time my arrival to the point where the fisikh has all been eaten and i don't have to eat any. but these are new people, and i don't know what time they usually finish all the fisikh, so i don't know how late i have to be!

    (fisikh, the one protein source that i can talk about all day without being tempted to break my lentern fast with it!)
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    hahaha Canadian actually :P yes i agree its only fish that went bad for weeks and is heavily salted!  good luck with the party tho! feel free to tell them about the videos ;)
  • i am listening to the first lecture.
    you really have to be bilingual!
    it's good for arabic study though.

    i remember that 'mabna' means 'building'.
    i would not recommend it generally as i think most people would find it hard to follow the 2 languages, but i am enjoying the arabic lesson.

    i loose concentration at church after 2 or 3 sentances, so it's great to have english spread in there after every 2 sentances of arabic, it helps me focus on the arabic and learn more words.

    so is it about how to be a teacher of small children in the church?
  • its to become a sunday school teacher so yes! and im glad u like it!
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