Does God get you your vengeance?

Does God avenge for you?

Is there a problem with getting your own back??

Is there anything wrong with getting your own justice?

Sometimes, a quick punch in the face can save you, them and even God a lot of effort; but would that be wrong?



  • I think it depends on the situation. If you are defending someone or stopping someone from abuse then knocking someone out, in my opinion and that of many fathers, is acceptable. If you are just seeking vengeance then you are kinda missing the point of Christianity. Praying for your enemies is crucial, we must see things from their perspective as much as possible and seek to find understanding as to why they have done something to us or another. When we do this then we start to feel pity, we earnestly pray for them and their salvation. Seeking vengeance is not a good thing, leave those decisions to God and in the meanwhile love and pray.
  • Thanks Ioannes for sharing your insight.


    But I'm talking about the following situation:


    I go to a Church where there are many young people. Whether they go to Church for God or not is none of my business, but they just cause so much trouble. They are real trouble makers. They see many Christian guys as easy targets, and turning the other cheek, when applied to these kids, is a green light for them to just ride you like a donkey.


    What they need is a good lesson, and I feel sometimes the patience, love and endurance just does them no good, especially you.

    Is turning the other cheek is the easy way out; and I'm fed up of doing that. Why should I??


    If you turn it, you set a precedence for these people to treat like an idiot.

    Don't get me wrong, I believe in turning the other cheek, that's true - but not with these people. There are certain cases where "turning the other cheek" can apply; but with these kids, no.

    The church has become like a gang with gang culture even; and these gangs flourish on the idea of servants/or general young men being patient, long suffering and basically what amounts to absolute "weakness" in their eyes.


  • Listen, standing up and fighting is not turning the other cheek, not defying it I should say. Defending the church and its people is not vengeance. I used to go overboard and do it out of anger, now I have calmed down and do it out of love. When I see this situation, and I have in my church, I make it known to the culprits that they are not amongst a bunch of ignorant people who will not defend themselves. In fact there was one instance in which I engaged a person and kept them isolated during this discussion so as not to let their poison spill into the ears of another. The few that did see it, saw me not just match the guy, but out wit him completely. He never came back after that, and so be it. Defend your church, there is nothing wrong with that, I do it on a daily basis and I am not afraid to go toe to toe, verbally, if need be. Call me a Parabolani, which we need more of.

    You are more than welcome to call or text me anytime you might need a good argument, just PM me here and let me know if you are up to the task.
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