She Enrompi

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Does anyone have a link to a recording of she enrompi after the confession? I see it in the liturgy book next to zoxa ci kyrie, but I can't find it online and have never heard it.


  • I guess nobody knows?
  • i only know 'she enrompi nem Isos',
    sang to the tune of 'happy birthday'.
    in my favourite coptic church, all birthdays are celebrated in english, arabic and coptic!

    so i don't have the one you are looking for.
  • hahahaha it's okay. But that sounds awesome actually. I'll learn it and sing it by myself while everyone else sings in english :)
  • Bump? Any recording? 
  • I've never heard it said, but couldn't it be said in the same tune as Doxasi Kyrie, Doxasi?

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