synergism and scripture

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Let me confess first i am not a very educated person. I also sadly do not have enough time to read scripture let alone defend what i believe is true by listing off bible versus.
So could some one help me by giving the verses in the bible that support that we have a choice, a part even if small in are salvation. I keep getting hammered with God does it all, nothing we do matter in this. That even faith is not a choice. I feel this has to be wrong. I am not a robot, i so not think love is love unless we have a choice not to love. I know the bible says i will be judged and only way one can be judged is to chose.
So if there any good bible scripture for this please help me.
Blessed be God, forever


  • Romans 2:6, Rev 20:13, 2:23, Mt 16:27. Is that enough? Romans is pretty interesting because it is St. Paul who is saying it and he allegedly believes in faith alone, allegedly. People forget that when St. Paul is referring to "works" he usually is referring to the "works of the law" as in the old mosaic law. But I hope those help.
  • Thank you so much. Every time i say that he refering to moses law i get well that just what catholics believe, like i only believe it cause i was catholic. Really annoying.
  • the whole book of james is great.
    don't worry, it's only 5 chapters!
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