Taking a step forward: Greek Orthodox query

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I am looking to try and visit a Greek Orthodox Church which is close to my home (I'm in England) I was wondering whether people have any idea how welcoming they are?

A little background:
I'm coptic orthodox and have been having a very hard time trying to fit at my local coptic church.
This resulted in me not going to church for seven months now and I can't bear this any longer.

Are they fussed about coptic orthodox members visiting?

I am a quite shy person and don't try anything new often, to me the idea of going there is very scary and I've been debating this for months. I would be extremely disappointed and heartbroken if I have a bad experience. It would just be the end of any hopes for me to belong anywhere.



  • i have been there, it's nice but they seemed surprised to have visitors!
    (if it's the same one i am thinking of).
    feel free to send personal message for details, and may God guide you.

  • There are some EO that are very welcoming and some that are not. Oddly enough Fr. Hopko is not terribly welcoming and neither is a lot of his family. Not to disrespect him or them but they were not accommodating when I said I was Coptic to which one said "I thought you had to be Orthodox to take communion?" So it really depends.
  • What about a nearby British Orthodox parish?
  • I know the Greek Orthodox Church VERY well in the UK.

    The best one is St Andrews Parish near Camden Town. Its amazing.

    Its a very beautiful atmosphere. 

    May I just ask what is your problem with the Coptic Orthodox Church in the UK? Its not such a bad place, is it? What happened??
  • The priest there is Fr Chrysostom. He's a living saint. 

    I would recommend that you go there, even if you could fit in the Coptic Orthodox Church.

    Its an awesome Church, with remarkable sermons. Nothing compares to the sermons you'll hear from Fr Chrysostom. 

    Its a very peaceful & spiritual environment and the youth there are quite active and sooooooooooooooooo Orthodox. 
  • have been to saint andrews!
    it is the most lovely eastern orthodox church i visited. really lovely people too.
    sadly it is in london, i don't think our friend mnc_hnn is near there.

    they are v v behind the copts when it comes to translation into english, though!
    my friend warned me of this, so i downloaded the liturgy (in greek and english) and printed it out so that i could follow where we were.
  • Wow mabsoota! Small world.

    What I loved about St Andrews was the youth meetings with Fr Chrysostom. I really really wish I had recorded this stuff. 

    You will love our patristic heritage when you attend these Churches, they always quote from our saints anyway.
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