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Satanism, is it drawing pentagrams on the floor and sacrificing babies on some weird looking altar? Satanism, in the judeo-Christian sense, is the worship of the self by elevating the self above God, as satan did. Anyone notice how prevalent satanism is in this culture today? Aliester Crowleys "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" turned into "Do your own thing" in the 60's counter culture, sexual liberation movement. That turned into "Do what you wanna do" and now the liberal mantra of "To each his own." We are being urged to appeal to our emotion and desires, which is contrary to Orthodox teaching. So many have inadvertently elevated themselves to God's status, and certainly act as such. This is the apostasy St. Paul spoke of, the falling away, or an even better translation is defection. The people of the world are defecting from God, but to what? Themselves, their desires and their wants. As Crowley predicted that Thelema would sweep the earth and destroy Christianity, that seems to be coming to fruition as so many people have bought into this idea of selfishness rather than selflessness. 

This satanic ideology can easily be seen throughout the media with movies and music beating this idea into our head like a mantra, "Do what you wanna do" and "if if feels good do it." It can also be seen in our own Christian faith as Luther invented the idea that scripture is the sole authority, relegating interpretation to anyone who had a bible, thereby bypassing any kind of institution instated by God. He also invented that it is by faith alone that one is saved, and by this placing salvation in the hands of any individual that should merely believe in Christ. Those sound very satanic to me, and satanic in the true sense of the word, that the individual is in control above God or anyone appointed by God. 

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