New Book by Ioa and Mark Ramzy

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Hi all, long time no type. I have just finished a new work of polemic dialogues entitled Conversations, Mark Ramzy contributed in writing on the council of Chalcedon. I have also recently published the book Aletheia, another polemic comparative theology. As always if you cannot afford it or are just too stubborn to buy it, PM me your email and I will promptly send you any book on the site.


  • Wow. Ioannes. It is so good to hear from you. I didn't know you had so many books. I may take you up on your offer. Thank you for your contributions to Coptic and Oriental Orthodoxy. God bless you.
  • Thank you for your kind words Remnkemi. 
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    your book never came to me. Please use a different service than lulu and see how others were successfully able to transport things. The same I beg of Father Peter who I tried to buy a prayer rope from. I live in Australia is that the reason?
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    Would you please provide us with information about the best service?
    And also how can we sell book online (PDF Format) and keep its privacy which means prevent it from spreading on websites?
  • Sell on amazon perhaps I wish I knew
  • I personally do not care about the money, I will send anyone a pdf copy, unfortunately I do not have the funds to send paperback copies to everyone. Mike, I am sorry you never got the book, please accept my sincere apology as I have nothing to do with shipping or even the printing. I can, however, send you all of my books to you via email, even the book of Revelation in Coptic....if you want to read it in Coptic. I do not mind anyone spreading my books around to whomever they please.
  • I won't accept a pdf copy of any of your books without paying for it. Please see a private message I sent you
  • Mike, thank you for the PM, I have responded to it. I offer my books to all who wish to read, payment is optional, in fact I discourage it. I want all people to read my books, I only offer them in print because I want to offer the option. When you do buy a copy, I do not see any of that money, that is only what it costs to print. So do not worry about paying as the prints obviously have not reached you.
  • Thanks did you send it to my email? I did not see a reply to my private message I sent you can you send one again? 
  • @mikeforjesus : Thank you but I think no one can protect PDF Book Online?!
    @Ioannes : God Bless Your work, but you spent for sure a lot of hours/days to make your books, so you deserve the money for your hard work, and you have a big love to spread your books for free.

    - About this topic I'd like to say that I have never bought a book online before, because I find most of books I need even printed ones available on the internet as scanning copies, that's why I don't buy books.
    - It's kind of Piracy and I know that what i am doing is wrong because I download the book without paying the price to its owner, but unfortunately a lot of Christian Websites put these books available to download for free.
    - What made me have to say this that i'm also working on some kind of book and i feel now what is the meaning of copyrights, so does we have a solution for this?
  • Technically speaking, scanning books you bought and placing them online is not piracy according to current US copyright laws upheld by the Supreme Court. Piracy is when you don't buy a book, steal it, scan it and place it online. 

    As long as you do not take the intellectual property as your own, you are not breaking any copyright laws. Now it is immoral for someone to spend money on publishing and creating a work, and not get paid for it.

    There is no way to protect anything online. Ever. The best you can do is relatively protect paper documents (but that is not absolute either). The only real solution is for everyone to think for the other out of their own will and pay for the book and do the right thing.

  • Congratulations Ioannes! Great work. Please pray for me.

  • Thank you all for your kind words and the lovely discussion. While I will not deny the countless hours I have spent researching and writing, I cannot accept money for this work. I write because I love to and I feel the message needs to be heard and therefore I try my best to make it available to all people in whatever form they wish. I used to have a hard time with the fact that very few people read anything I wrote and it bothered me because I worked so hard but felt that there was very little reward. I had decided to stop at one point, but I had someone randomly contact me thanking me for one of the books, I have no idea how they got it but it helped them. So now I just write and put it out there and whoever wants it can attain it in any way they wish. The message is far more important than me making a dollar or two, I do that with my photography. ( shameless plug, I know!
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