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St Pauls rewards are the people he won to Christ

What if we never won anyone to Christ are we responsible for their death ? Some people even St Paul is not appointed to win We are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works if we don't do it maybe someone like St. Paul will try

One star differs from another in glory

There are a lot of strange ways to win people to Christ praying and martyrdom are probably some of them

It is offensive to some that they can be responsible for people's death but it may be a fact in heaven it won't matter everyone will love one another the only reward is winning people to Christ
But there will be a moment of sorrow or maybe complete sorrow but balanced with the joys of heaven

The cross of Christ is an offense that people would perish without receiving Christ to some this is foolishness and a stumbling block we can't understand it

A Christian is always delivered to death for Jesus sake
In the world you will have tribulation
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