Gaining knowledge / Religious vocation vs Making Money

How does one pick between the two? should there be balance between the two? but then you can't be good at one
the world needs expertise people that sacrifice some part of themselves for the world
the bible says parents should lay up for their children but also that you can't serve God and mammon
It is clear that children and grandchildren will/should be very grateful for their parents concern for their wellbeing and life
I have heard it said that not all people are born rich but people who practice from young at something can become very rich
I tell myself that because I feel I need to deliver the faith undefiled to my children and train them up when they are young and how can I do that if I am confused myself? my dad doesn't give me time to figure out what type of life I want to live but wants me to work as that was adam's curse. What does that avail if I am perhaps a heretic and not deep in my faith?
If noone layed up for their children there would be no big companies like McDonalds, Telstra, and what else? I knew many established companies but forget now
But we should not seek fame but those services are needed and someone who wants to prosper in a skill should be the boss so those under him can train him. I know this is all living for fame on earth rather than heavenly things which is somewhat bad but it is also good to be educated the bible promoting both points so I am confused

I know we are not to seek riches for Jesus said do not lay up for yourselves treasures where thief steals but Proverbs said a good man lays up for his childrens children and that he who does not provide for his own is worse than an unbeliever and that God gives us richly all things to enjoy but if a man does not work he shall not eat
So if I pursue being a good engineer do I need to worry about money? would I be foolish in the eyes of my wife? but it seems like burying your talents if you want to tell people not to have careers because that is for the unbelievers? is it only for unbelievers or required of all? if I don't live to make money for my children if I have any am I not providing for my own even if I am doing it to have a pure faith or to pursue some skill for people or God's sake?

If I try to make alot of money for my children will God make me heavy laden as He said seek first the kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you? but how can that because I still have to work?

God told Martha Mary had chosen the good part but service is also needed by the LORD so what do I make of this? I don't even know if I should include this in the discussion or if it is relevant
I also know my dad wants me to work so it can't be my calling yet if ever to pursue only a spiritual life (which may include being a scientist if I want as some monks do)


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