Any advice for Paris

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Dear all,
I hope somebody could give me some advice about visiting Paris (I believe some members live there? right?) I should be going with my wife by the end of February, and would like to know more about transport tickets (i.e. are there tickets for 48 or 72 hours?), and also the way to church from maybe gare de Nord! Thanks all


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    i am not sure if anyone lives there, i will send a p.m. about that.

    top tip:
    learn some french!
    they are generally rude (like londoners) and don't speak english even if they understand it.

    also they don't speak coptic...
  • I heard the same comment before so I'll brush up my French.. we used to learn it in school!
  • Hey Mr Ophadece,
    I'm Parisien. 

    No no.. parisiens are not rude at all. You'll have a nice time. 

    There's so much to tell u:

    In terms of cultural acceptance, I can tell you that the French are more aware of the Coptic Orthodox Church than any other European Country. Tell someone you are Coptic, and they'll love you.

    In terms of language - yes, we speak French, but we help tourists out.

    For transportation, it depends how long you are planning to stay for. If its just a short weekend trip, simply buy 2 carnet's (that's 20 tickets) that will last you for 2 days. These tickets can be used on buses, trains (in IDF only) and metro.

    For Church, the nearest church will be in Villejuif. The metro is Villejuif (line 7). Its 5 min walk from the metro.

    The Church is on the same street as the metro exit. You just need to look where the Church steeple is. 

    There are 2 liturgies: a French one that starts at 8:00 AM, and an Arabic one that starts at 10/11 AM. 

    Have a safe trip
  • "In terms of cultural acceptance, I can tell you that the French are more aware of the Coptic Orthodox Church than any other European Country. Tell someone you are Coptic, and they'll love you."

    That's interesting! I never expected that. I was just thinking I would give them a baguette or something :P Just kidding. But seriously, me and the french have never been friends. Being a Canadian, I love to go to Montreal (the french province in our country) and fight with the french. So whiny :P 

    Zoxa, I really loved you! I thought you were a great person. Now you tell me your are french?! Leave the dark side! Come to the light! Leave France, and your Eiffel Tower, and your baguettes, and your escargot! Repent, my friend! Repent!

  • Hey Raymond,

    After Francois Hollande made gay marriages legal, I indeed feel as if I ought to repent now for being French. 

    Wow.. you have a bad opinion of them. Well, they are not so bad actually. There's a very Christian atmosphere still alive in Paris and in most large cities (probably with the exception of Toulouse).

    Don't forget that in most cities (whether Cairo, Paris, London, TO, NY, or Washington) - people will not be so friendly as they could be had they been living in the countryside.

    There are some very very crazy people who need healing whether French or Danish, or British or Canadian. 

    Take care bro,
  • Canadians need no healing. We are perfect :P
  • Dear Zoxsasi,
    Thanks a lot man; sorry for my late reply. I am very busy these days. Anyway, thanks also for the advice for the Church. Please also tell me for 48 hours, which sights are a priority? Eiffel tower? Do we climb it, or not worth it? Read some people saying it is not worth climbing to the top - only first floor or second (or something like that). Also can we book admission in advance? What other sights, etc? You can p.m. met if you feel things can border on personal advice!!! Thanks a lot anyway, you and any body else who can help...
  • Well, I can definitely tell you where NOT to go:

    a) Clichy
    b) Pigalle
    c) Denfer
    d) Gare du Nord area

    Sites where you (you personally) would love?

    a) chapelle de la médaille miraculeuse (Rue du Bac, line 12)
    a) Saint Sulpice (Metro Saint Sulpice)
    --> then walk down to Odeon, or St Germain, or even Notre Dame from there.
    b) Notre Dame
    c) Take the metro to Rambuteau - and walk to rue du Temple or Faubourg du Temple. 
    --> a nice street to walk down in with a beautiful lady.
    d) There's the Champs Elysées - but - I'm bored of it, maybe you'll find it interesting... 
    e) There's Bastille - which is really nice, a very vibrant, young, hip place to hang out - especially on weekends.
    f) There's the Eiffel Tower, but its so cold now, and there's nothing on the top floor.. I mean, not even a chair to sit down on... We usually go there in summer time.

    I suppose you may want to do some shopping? There's Galeries Lafayette in metro Chaussee d'Antin - Lafayette. 

    There are loads of markets, and famous markets, but is that something interests you? I just get bored of that, but if you like it, there's a nice market on Sundays in Boulevard de Grenelle. There's the world famous flea market in St Ouen also.

    The entry to museums in Paris is Free on the 1st sunday of each month (except the Louvre).

    Have a safe trip!

  • These are wonderful pieces of advice Zoxsasi, thanks a lot.. so what about climbing only first floor of the Eiffel?
    I think you do really know my taste.. not a shopping fan, but certainly walking down those beautiful areas would interest me so much.. 

    Btw how do I go to champs Élysées? I know that's a bit naive but I've never been to Paris before!
  • By metro , i recommend that you get off at George V station to go to the Champs Elysees.

    If you are not a shopping fan, and want a religious view of Catholic Paris, then 

    a) St Sulpice area
    b) Notre Dame
    c) Sacre-Coeur

    I'd recommend all 3. Each of these cathedrals sits in a very beautiful area that's worth visiting.

    You can even spend the night in Sacre-Coeur - you just have to book it in and there's a mass all night.

    Sacre-Coeur is a must, by the way. The Cathedral is on a peak overlooking all of Paris, and the surrounding streets are cobbled with little creperies scattered all over the place.
    To get there is a very fun, energetic walk from Metro Anvers. 

    Its all indicated.

    I think this is a must.

    There's a church called "St Ignace" in the 7th arrondissement. It has "The mass that takes its time" at 6:30 pm - every sundays. 

    You attend a liturgy, and as you know, there's the Bible read in the liturgy. After this is read, you sit down in groups of 5 people each and discuss the Bible reading.

    It can be quite charming - but its in French.

    There's also Canal St Martin, but I'd recommend this for the summertime. You'll be freezing.

    Of course you could decide to go to our Church in Villejuif? Does that interest you?

    I would recommend you visit the Catholic more as its quite overwhelming the activities that go on in their Churches in Paris.

  • Thanks @Zoxsasi.. we'll try to go to church on Sunday, and it seems 48 hours isn't enough for this exhaustive list.. you didn't give me any advice about the Louvre though! What's your opinion?
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    You will need between 2 days to 1 week to see the Louvre.
    Its endless. Its the Disneyland of Culture and History. You can't do it in 1/2 a day

    Its either Paris and enjoying a few cafés au laits, or the Louvre.

  • Ah that makes sense.. it's the former Paris.. the Louvre may require another visit then.. thanks @Zoxsasi..
  • Here's some general info for anyone Coptic going to Paris:

    * A few copts own some pretty cool restaurants in the St Severin area of Paris (near Notre Dame). The food is pretty good too (surprisingly).

    * Rambuteau is a very nice area, but its actually in the heart of the gay district. The mayor of Paris is openly gay. If you walk with your family there (wife and kids), its quite common to see homosexual couples a lot. The problem is that they don't have much limits as to what they do in public. Do you get the picture??

    * Don't take car in Paris. Its not worth it (due to traffic congestions). Just take the metro. You'll get there faster, but the amazing thing is that the parking in paris is in fact really good. Its the best i've seen. Its the cheapest parking i've seen, and its everywhere (mainly underground).

    * You don't have to tip in Paris or France in general. it really is included in the bill. 

    * Don't call waiters "Garcon" - just say "Monsieur". 

    * Water is FREE in restaurants. Compared to Brussels, you can actually order tap water. You are not obliged to buy coke-cola or any drink with a meal. (Just specify eau à robinet)

    * If you go to Sephora on the Champs Elysees, don't take any pics. I know it looks impressive, but they've actually patented the window shop. 

    * We have a lot of gypsies in France that you'll find asking you for money. I would recommend that you just ignore them because they are known to be thieves also. Its actually a business. 

  • What are the special French or Parisian cuisines? I'm dying to eat horse meat I've been told about it a lot.. which is the best place? How much money in general for the weekend?
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