virtue of the problem

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Every consider that instead of praying for a problem we should be praying for its virtue instead? Like instead of God take away my anger, why not say "God teach me self control"? Just a thought.


  • Isn't it implied that when u ask God to take away your anger, ur asking for self-control?
  • on the contrary God is like the pharmacist and ur your own personal give Him the prescription and He hands you the cure. and should you not c the problem...then consult a secondary source...a specialist if you will.

    Abouna...Serving in a Church near you.
  • Hi Psalmist
    You remind me somthing some body was told me befor.
    When ever we have any problems do not say:
    Oh god I have a big problem.
    but we have to say insted : Hey problem I have a big God .
    that's how we aprove how come in god we trust.
    God bless
  • but wait..... wats the difference.... ur still asking the same thing... rite??
  • thats right, the saying says "Don't tell God how big ypur problem is, but tell your problem how BIG YOUR GOD IS"

    Its not the same...because whereas you acknowledge the problem by saying take away my anger....the HOLY SPIRIT is Magnified with in you when you give me self macknwledge the problem and the cure not just the problem./
  • I heard a sermon about this topic and abouna was saying, and I paraphrase, "let us learn from Virgin Mary, At the wedding of canna of Galilee, she didn't tell them pray that thier cups never runs dry or bless the wine so it never run out like you did during the days of Isiah, all what she said was " They don't have wine" and let God worry about how to solve it. "

    So in the example above, I would say "God, I get angry" and let God find the right solution for the problem.

    Just my 2 cents.
  • well its sometimes hard to just get rid of a sin, and obtaining a virtue is sort of the correct term bc u need to serve and practice to gain this virtue. and also god gives and the devil gives, u need to take this and leave that. anger is not gods so u cant ask him to get rid of it, its the devils so u just need to learn to reject it
  • wow guys, that's really good. I'm almost ashamed that that never occurred to me before. Rather than asking God to take away a sin, ask God to give you virtues to overcome the sin.

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