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A friend once told me "if you want to make God laugh, plan something" and it seems so true. Ever plan something for the next year? how did that turn out? not very successfull. I just wanted to share this quoute with you guys and see what you thought!


  • Plan as if you'll live till you're 80, live as if you'll die today. The thing is, where would we be without planning? weddings are planned 1-2 years in advance and they're always joyous occasions. college is always planned. if nothing was EVER planned, we'd be sitting around all day doing absolutley nothing. just because you plan you're not saying that its definite that you'll get to do whatever it is you're planning, but that if you do stick around long enough to do it, it'll be wonderful.
  • no what he meant when he said this quote was....try planning your life is a manner like the following.

    1. I'm Gonna go to Uni and become a doctor
    2. Wait to yrs, then marry
    3. Work 10 hrs a day and raise kids.
    4. etc....

    that kinda long term planning
  • You can never plan your future, you can have hopes, dreams and aspirations but you can never officially plan your life (like Psalmist's example). Things change minute to minute and God's will is what is accomplished in the end. God not only has a plan for all of us, but He also has the power to end our lives at any moment of time.

    So the quote of "If you want to make God laugh, plan something" hold true because you can never be certain of your future as only He knows.

    just my 2 cents :)

    pray 4 me
  • love 4 all...that seems more like a dollar to me. :) :P
  • he he...

    u cant exactly plan what u want, can u? it just sort of happens. I hear a lot of teachers who said they never planned to become teachers, but here they were teaching and not making much money and stressed to the point of collapse (as egyptians say: "ro7a fe manakherha")

    and yes, that does look like a dollar, not two cents (depending on where u are, that could be a LE!)
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