what should I do this holiday?

I have alot of free time what do I do?


  • Learn hymns!!!!!
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    Thankyou but I can never learn how to do the slow ow woh's in the midnight psalmody maybe I have a disability. Alot of evil thoughts come in my head when I struggle to do the ow woh's because I can not do it
    also  I first want to learn arabic. My dad says he will teach me. But he constantly tells me how he does not think I need it. I don't believe he will teach me it
    I wanted to know what other things I can be doing even if I don't do them
    I wish I could do voice training to learn to speak louder and clearly naturally but im not sure anyone can train me with that and I am slow to speak and noone has been able to help that so far

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    Maybe I will learn hymns so I can be a moallem to the youth
    easier said than done

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