Saturday Kiahk Midnight Praises

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Dear all,

I am trying to find the text (in English) for the following Kiahk hymns for Saturday (Friday night) Kiahk tasbeha. I cannot find them on Coptic presentations or Please let me know where I can get them from, or if they are in English at all:

1) Exposition (Tarh) on the Saturday Theotokia
2) Psali on the First Sherat
3) Madeha on the First Sherat
4) The Kiahk Lobsh
5) The Exposition (Tarh) on the Kiahk Lobsh/First Sherat (don't know which one)
6) Psali on the Second Sherat
7) The Exposition (Tarh) on the Second Sherat (I think)
8) Psali on the ending of the Vatos Theotokias
9) Exposition (Tarh) on the ending of the Theotokias

If you could also tell me the tune for each of them, that would be great too.


EDIT: In case anyone is wondering, my source for the existence of these hymns is
So I know they exist, I just need the text


  • I have most of these in a powerpoint but it's not ready for public domain. The tune of the psali depends on the psali. Adam Psalies are said like St Antony's madeha or Amen Alleluia (but faster) and the Batos psalies are said like the Burning Bush but faster. There are examples on this site under HICS Kiahk series.

    The commentaries have a long tune so they are usually just read. There are actually 10 commentaries for Sunday Psalmody. (4 for each hoos, the commemoration, the first 6 parts of Sunday Theotokia, Shere ne Maria, Avmoti, 2nd 6 parts, Commentary of the Doers, and Neknai. In addition there is a prayer at the end "O only Begotten God, light from light (I think that is the incipent), said in the Agpeya tune with Zoxa patri, etc.

    I don't have most of the Vespers Psalmody translated. But I'm sure Mina will add it to version 2 of his book. 

  • In vespers praise, there is only the one commentary after the entire Watos lobsh, and there are 4, one for each week. This are already in the current book.

    As for midnight praise for saturday, Friday night into saturday, truth be told, i have everything that pertained to the saturday theotokia...only because we used to do an all nighter in church either last year or the one before. I have everything typed and and translated but not reviewed since it was all done very quick. Maybe, if we all pray hard enough, it will be all out for next year.

    I looked at that pdf and i am suspicious of the Vespers Praise rite.....i don't believe you say any madayeh in vespers praise for the days or saturdays. I am guessing their source is Dalil Eltoqos of Anba Mettaous but i can't confirm what's in the book right now because the version i ahve is missing those pages. 

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