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I am risking sounding utterly stupid by asking this but here it goes...
What does "Tasbeha" mean?
I am an Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido member and I found this page while I was browsing through the I joined because it is a network for oriental orthodoxy members.
I have never given much thought to the name of this website, "Tasbeha" until I noticed it being repeated in many of the discussions on coptic church and I think it has a deep meaning...


  • It's an arabic word that simply means 'praise' as a noun. 
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    Selam my Ethiopian friend, 

    Tasbeha = 

    I take it can be either praise or glory, in this sense glorification (doxology). 

    Look at me trying to translate Arabic, what do I know... 

  • hey, theophilus1,
    great to 'see' you. please don't pull all of your hair out, your amharic and tigrinya is better than mine!
    temesgen Fitari!

    (something like 'praise God' in bad tigrinya)
  • mabsoota
    it's actually in amharic and it's not bad at all
    Thank you everybody
  • Tasbeha=the praise(noun) is coming from tasbeeh=praising and sobh=praise(noun).

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