Identify please

Does anyone know what this hymn is and when is it said and what the lyrics are...

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  • it's a hymn for the Holy Trinity said after the 3rd hoos psali...i think it is specifically written by someone in the old Markosia in El-azpakeia. image
  • Thanks very much Mina.. btw I bought the book its epic!!!

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  • oh the kiahk book, enjoy. 
  • Hey Mina,

    Would be able to translate the following for me:

    الابن مولود من الأزلية: ليس لتقديم الإرادة ولد من الآب:
    لكن ولادة طبيعية: والروح القدس منبثق من الآب

    كولادة شعاع الشمس
    وحرارتها: والقرص الباعث للاثنين: وهذه الولادة طبيعية: لا منقطعين ولا منفصلين

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  • the text has html....why?

    also what text is this?
  • When I pasted it an error occured.... This is from the hymn that was posted above Im currently trying to translate it into english but I suck at arabic and Im failing horribly... 

    Are you able to translate it?

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    i think it showed the html because the text you copies had html.

    i can't translate this. the text is so theologically deep and i think if i try to translate it into english I am definitely getting something wrong.  
  • Well I just asked one of the uncles in my church who came from the clerical college and he said that the point that translates as "not to the will but was born of the Father: it was a natural birth" means that the Father didn't first will to beget the Son and then begot Him, as this would mean that the Father existed while the Son didn't, however before all time an "original thing" happened that the Son was just begotten before all time. 

    What do you think? Maybe RamezM or Remenkemi can help... however if you do think that is correct how do you suggest that it be put into musical form?

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  • I don't know Arabic sufficiently to give a proper translation but I will say the first verse seems biblical.

    مولود من الأزلية
    لتقديم الإرادة ولد من الآب
    ولادة طبيعية
    القدس منبثق من الآب

    I think the verse means: "The Son was born from the Being, not in the process of man's will was He born from the Father, rather a natural birth, as the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father." 

    Recognize that this verse is a mediation on John 1:13 "who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God." and in Arabic "الذين
    ولدوا ليس من دم ولا من مشيئة جسد ولا من
    مشيئة رجل بل من الله
     ". It is important to note that this verse is not only describing the Son's birth from the Father but it is also contrasting the process of natural human birth (with the phrase "لتقديم الإرادة") and the processes of Begetting/Birth (of the Son) and Proceeding (of the Holy Spirit) from the Father. 

    Also "ولادة طبيعية" can mean "natural descent" or "the natural birth process", but it is important to note that in English "natural descent" or "natural birth" implies the natural human birth process, not the "natural" process of begetting and proceeding (ie, according to divine nature). In this sense, it is very easy to see it as heresy without a footnote explanation of what is meant by "natural".

    I don't know what the second verse means at all. I will leave it to others to offer an explanation. But I see that the use of " الولادة طبيعية" also needs clarification.

    I hoped this helped.

  • Thank You so much Remenkemi ! That Helped heaps!

    God Bless
  • If anybody still needs the English lyrics for this Hymn, 
    I still have it ! Just message me...
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