This forum looks ugly because of me

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After my exam on December 9 with the moderators permission I plan on deleting many of my posts but first saving them in my email to do a clean up
Showing my weaknesses may stumble people
I am fully fine not getting married and being a virgin despite how viciously the world attacks Virgins in my imagination
I am not fine with however not trying to find a spouse if that is what makes my parents happy
I obviously don't trust monks or lay people to not be a burden if I chose to be a monk


  • Before embarking on spiritual journeys (marriage, monastic life, etc.) just work on your relationship with Christ. Empty your mind and heart of all troubles and just speak with him. Remember to listen as well (we all forget this part). Become closer to him, and in you prayer ask him to strengthen your bond. This is one of the most important things I have ever heard. This is what inner miracles are made of. Use this fast to transform yourself and become more aware of your flaws and work on them but also recognize your deep and immense value to Christ. He really loves you. God Bless you Mike and please pray for me.
  • Thankyou  :) I shall remember you in my prayer time (when I make time)

  • I probably won't delete as many as I thought I would. But if the moderator wants to delete give me a 1 day notice to save the ones I want to save
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    I still plan on cleaning it up but have been too lazy. I want to save in my email and then delete it 
    I may not need to delete anymore as this system is supposed to be a clean up 
    It seems also old threads can not be found anymore. If so I am very upset
    well it says it is down for maintenance I hope that is all it is

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