His Holiness Pope Benedict the 16th

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Hey everyone,

I would like to congratulate the Catholic brothers on their new Pope, may he reign with the wisdom of Christ.



  • Let us thank God that He has helped our catholic brothers in choosing the next pope. May Pope Benedict XVI's papacy be blessed and may he work with christians worldwide to unite!

  • amen to that! uniting would really be awesome :D
  • It was awesome today, they speaker phoned us and said that white smoke has come out of the vatican, cangratulations a new pope has been chosen...May he reign for another 100 years...

  • may he guide the catholics to the kingdom of heaven
    - a leader which god chose to lead his flock
    god bless him
  • You huys sound like, you're all Catholic,not that there is any thing wrogn with that. I just thought most of you us on the forum are orthodox.

    In anycase congratulations to their new pope.
    He's a:
    [glow=red,2,300]Conservative Hardliner[/glow]

    ...I like that. ;)
  • I am very happy. Our new Pope is really great man, full of Love and faithful. I thank God for him.

    God bless You
  • i go to cs, and that day was like a raid

    all u hear is yelling in the halls, all our sisters and our principal were going crazy. ah the joy. thank U pope benedict for saving me from the jaws of geometry!
    long live the pope(hes 78). benedict-benedictum-latin-good news.

    i heard he was in hitlers army or something .thu
  • [quote author=awad link=board=1;threadid=1474;start=0#msg23981 date=1114012672]

    i heard he was in hitlers army or something .thu

    yeah but so was everyone else. if you lived in germany at that time you were either forced to be with him or he didn't like you so he'd get rid of you.
  • Congrats on Pope Benedict XVI, I heard hes very conservative, which is good, maybe he can try and spread his views (such as those on homosexuality)<-- I know hes not fond of that, maybe he can help influence many people into changing laws that already favour them. And I sure hope he can help unite Chrisitian churches ;D

    Ahhh the optimist I am...

    Just my 2 cents ;)
  • May the Lord bless and keep the Pope benedict XVI and may he lead all catholics to the rite path and to heaven just as pope John paul did
    i think it will b awseome if we united

    GB ALL

  • Couldn't have said it better
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