Fiance and I

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Please pray for my fiance and I. I can't even begin to properly describe what is up with him, except to guess it is some mix of depression and life issues. He refuses to really talk to me about in detail except once in a while, and it is to the point that he mentioned he doesn't feel like he believes in God much anymore which is pretty shocking to hear. I've watched his Church attendance go down, and the depression go up for months now. Doesn't do confession at all, as in years. He always tries to play it off but I am him and he is me, I can see through all that and he is not OK at all. We have also been arguing back and forth over pointless things on top of the above, please pray for me that I am able to put all my stupid needs to always be right and have the last word aside and instead be more gentle with him and supportive emotionally these days.  :'(


  • may God give u great grace and patience.
    the enemy is like a roaring lion who loves to hurt us, so he tempts our loved ones to say things they don't mean.
    sometimes we reply with things we wish we did not say.
    keep praying and thanking God for each new day and i pray He will guide both of you and keep you close to Him through this difficult time.

    you are both on spiritual journeys and sometimes you can help each other and sometimes all you can do is pray.
    remember God loves him even more than you do!
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