YAAAY!!!!! but on the cross.

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Hi every body:
Hi joyisgod that's was beutiful thing that's give all of us what is the frindship mean...nice post with nice wards.

And I just wanna add a small thing it's about the pascka week:

Actually this week it has a special feeling to all of us it's the week that's make us feel what is the meaning of crossify.
it give all of us the feeling that we are got crossified and got punished with jesus
it's give us the feeling of deth with jesus may also it's the only week that our littel eyes know what is teers mean .... :'(

specialy on the great friday when we look towrd the cross with our verey beutiful sad hymns and our prayers like the sixth hour's
prayer.... :'(
Dear frinds let us leave this beutful days let us invit all the people we know to enjoy with us let us salperat the salvation by the deth and rise of our sweet lord jesus christ .

Some times I ask my self a question what would be my feeling if the jewish put me with jesus in his sepulchre for three nights?
I think he will open his eys :'(and look to me and put his hand on my sholder and say I died for you :'( because I love you ...do you love me son?
Now I wanna cray and say YES i love you jesus and it's hard to me to see you in the sepulchre you are my lord .
and I think jesus wil say to me I allowed to you to be with me here to see the greatest moment ...when I rise from the dead.
Thank you jesus I love you forgive my sins, change my life and accept me in your kingdom amen.

Pray for me.


  • Mike,
    that was Wonderful man, being that we are on the topic. I take a step back, before the tomb, even before the cross and ask myself sometimes. " If I was born a jew during the time of Jesus, would I have been one of the "mob" that cried 'crucify Him' or would I have been next to Virgin Mary and hear "The world rejoices in receiving salvation, while my heart burns as I look at Your crucifixion which You are enduring for the sake of all, my Son and my God.”
  • wowo good stuff boys reely nyc :) ;) :D ;D

    GB ALL
  • awesome words you two...
    great stuff

    on that note: i hope to be like st. mary magdalne, the 'servant of the cross and reserruction' (as my priest put it)....

    she was there at our Lord's feet hugging the cross when He was being crucified, and she was there after His burial (before the reserruction), and was the first one to see Him after He rose...
    she went from being possesed with 7 demons to being the first female disciple.... what commitment and love that i hope to learn from her and her true love for God...

    take care, God bless & pray for me
  • thats reely nyc crazycopt thnx :) ;) :D ;D

    GB ALL
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