I was wandering if anyone knew how to program excel VBA, because I have this problem and I cant solve it.
The problem:
I have a row that changes each time I press enter and before it changes I want it to be copied to another row in another worksheet. I can do that, but my problem is that I press enter and it changes - the new information in that row I would like to now copy to the row beneath the one originally copied into the new Sheet.
I really need some help with this!

God Bless


  • okay after hours of coding I solved it!!

    I know your prayers helped me!

    God Bless
  • OKay,

    New Problem!

    I need to stop a function after a certain amount of times it has been run. Can anyone help with that?

    God Bless
  • Okay it seems your prayers have done the trick again!

    Life Lesson: Don't give up and don't just bang your head against the wall. Just try and go around the wall!

    God bless
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