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I hope people don't frown upon this but I am having some troubles fasting. I really don't like fasting and when I tell my parents they become very angry and tell me that I need to fast. I really don't understand fasting, I know that it is for self control but, when ever I fast I always end up breaking it. I have been trying to fast for a very long time and like I said before I always end up breaking it. Please help I really dislike fasting and want a solution I don't want to be looked down upon by my family n'or do I want to fast, I can't fast.  :(


  • People recommend that you organise this with your father of confession. It should be a gradual thing, so don't try to do everything perfectly and fast the whole fast.

    Some people find it more realistic to give up food that they love instead of just becoming vegan. If I already enjoy vegan food, I haven't really done much.

    You may see that there is no point in fasting. But if you gradually try fasting, you may find that throughout the day, giving up certain types of food can remind you to keep yourself in check with regards to other aspects of your life. E.g. You find a bar of chocolate, you take a bite and then you remember that you are fasting. So you put it down and control your needs. It can also remind you to think about God, like a memory trigger. Because think about it, on a regular day, how many times do you think about god and talk to him? May be once or twice. But fasting could be a way to help you remember god more during your day.
  • very good advice.
    fasting should be gradual.
    the first time i fasted during saint mary's fast (which was 5 years ago, during which time i joined the orthodox church!) i only gave up meat, which was hard enough at the time as i was living with (and often cooking for) someone who was not orthodox, and it was difficult for me to organise meal times. so this was all my priest suggested, i was eating fish (as usual during the fast) and dairy products and eggs.

    do you do any of the cooking at home? you could learn some fish dishes and share them with the family.

    please start off fasting slowly (even if you feel you 'should have' been fasting for years) as the aim of fasting is to remove the influence of the body (food, sex (if you are married, or thinking about it if you aren't), thoughts, gossip etc.) gradually so that your spirit can be closer to God.
    please also take advice from your priest.
    do you live with your parents? if so, especially if you are under 16, you should respect their view even if you disagree and aim to compromise rather than rebel. (i know this is easier to say than to do, but if you love and respect them, you are already keeping the fast).
  • Mabsoota, if you don't mind me asking, how does it work if you are orthodox and your partner is not (sorry, I'm assuming this is who you were referring to).

    I'm asking because my family is orthodox but don't really fast much which discourages me from fasting myself.
  • u do plenty of cooking for people where the basic meal is vegan, but you can add in eggs/meat etc. for those who are not fasting.
    e.g. fool medamas served with stir fried veg and plain rice for the fasting, changing it to egg fried rice for the non fasting people.
    or you can turn the stir fried veg into a veg omlette for the non fasting. it only takes a few minutes extra.

    or pasta with vegan sauce and add some cooked salami to the non fasting portion of sauce at the end.
    i did a thread somewhere (here or on for fasting recipes, if you have time maybe you can find it on the search function.

    or falafel with raw veg (peppers, brocoli, tomatoes etc) to put in vegan dips with breadsticks. then add some cold meat for the non fasting person.
    you just have to be inventive, you have until november to learn or invent some recipes!
    and may God bless your fast.
  • you have until november to learn or invent some recipes!

    Haha, scary thought.
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