What Shall I Do?

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I have a very bad feeling in myself
coz my mind is always thinking of bad thoughts (hate, revenge, sexual, suicide, .......etc.) despite of me.
I resist a lot but I can't anymore.
I confess to my priest with this sin every time and I prayed a lot that the Lord Jesus may have mercy on and get these bad thoughts out of my head.
What can I do to be for Jesus Christ only not any other things?!
I Love Jesus very much and want to live for him only and my all thoughts to be in Jesus.
Thanks Everyone.
I need practical advices and Prays.


  • what do you fill your head with?
    angry / sexual music will encourage bad thoughts.
    church attendance, thinking of your relationship with God and taking Holy Communion will encourage good thoughts.
    if you take care what you watch, read and listen too, it will be much easier to think of God all the time.
    this is not easy, but God will guide you as He wants you to have a really beautiful friendship with Him.
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