"Retartet" has made an imitation account of ReturnOrthodoxy

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Please note, that the user "Retartet" has made an imitation account of mine, and is faking many comments that are offensive. I ask that everyone please note that my username is "ReturnOrthodoxy" with no spaces. Take note of the amount of posts we both have, as well as the posting history.

I apologize for the confusion


  • That's actually pretty creepy
  • This is something the admins can take care of very easily. There is an option that prohibits a user from changing his username
  • Actually the other account has no spaces either. The only difference is the number of posts.
  • Sorry if my last post offended you fake-returnorthodoxy, please forgive me, I didn't mean to offend anyone.

    God Bless
  • Man,

    I read this post about you being so fat you can't fit in a Tonia. I said its not like you to post such stuff. I knew it couldn't be you because he said that ABouna REFUSED to give him communion, and I know that You know for a fact that Abouna won't say no to ANYONE who is fat.

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