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Hi everyone,

If you haven't already you listen to the angelic Abouna Isaac Henien. Clips from his Gregorian Liturgy can be found at (Clips of E Aghapi, Atayta ilal Thabh, Agios can be found, as well as others)

Also an amazing resurrection reenactment can be found here. It's a must listen!

SMASS services is a new YouTube channel setup to show the services at St. Mary and St. Shenodua's Coptic Orthodox Church in the UK. It's sole purpose is to provide spiritual benefit to those that need it through various different methods including hymns, lessons and sermons. A new website is soon to be released for St. Mary and St. Shenouda's church which will include full audio hymn lessons amongst a variety of other great services to benefit all ages, servants and non-servants, parents and children.

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Thank you and God Bless


  • lovely!
    yes, he is a very blessed priest
    (and i can see someone i know on the video!)
  • New video on our Holy Mother Saint Mary to help us start this blessed fast in the right manner.
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