Please help

Dear friends,

We all wish for an inclusive society: a country where we all live in dignity and have a future. This was the reason why the revolution came about.

His excellency Mohammad Tawfik, the Egyptian Ambassador to the US, the Azhar, the Bishops of the Church, the youth of the revolution & Tamarod movement have expressed openly that this is not a military coup. It's a revolution.

May I ask you also to echo the truth behind this revolution through the social media outlets available to you. I would recommend that a simple tool like twitter where you can retweet news links and messages as being the most effective way to disseminate the truth of the situation.

The bishops of the church are active on twitter. Please add them, and consider using these tools to help the unification of Egypt. I praise God that the love between Christians and Muslims has actually never been stronger.

We obviously wish that pro Morsi members are also included in our new Egypt.

Thank you

If you add me on twitter , you will find all the coptic resources and members there also.

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