St. Pachomius Quotes

edited December 1969 in Coptic Orthodox Church
Pi Ekhristos Aftonf!
Does anyone have any famous quotes by St. Pachomius? I haven't found any but the father of organized Monasticism has to have something! Thank you


  • Once, Abba Theodore went to Abba Pachomius crying “I would like you, Father, to declare to me that I shall see God; if not, what is the profit for me to have been brought into the world?”

    Abba Pachomius asked,  “Do you wish to see God in this age or the age to come?”

    Abba Theodore responded,  “I wish to see him for the age that lasts eternity.”

    Abba Pachomius answered, “Make haste to bring for the fruit the Gospel speaks of, Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.  And if an impure thought enters your mind, be it hatred or wickedness, jealousy, envy, contempt for your brother, or human vainglory, remember at once and say, ‘If I consent to any one of those things, I shall not see the Lord."
  • Abba Pachomius once said to another Abba, in reference to giving an undeserving monk rank,

    "Listen to me, give him the office so that by this means we may snatch his soul out of the enemy’s hands.  For if we do good to a bad man he comes thereby to have a perception of good.  This is God’s love, to take pains for each other."
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