Post-Easter Bishop Migration

I was wondering why all of the Bishops decide to travel outside of their dioceses after the feast of the Resurrection. Unless they are all coming for medical reasons (which is very possible), why do they need to leave their dioceses and visit other churches in other countries?


  • They must think post-Easter is when everyone's pockets are deep because we've had 2 bishops who came to Sydney just to collect money for their dioceses'. On the other hand, we had Anba Morkos to open the new CYC studio in Sydney and Anba Daniel (abbot of St Paul's Monastery) who was just visiting - so there's a lot going on!
  • we receive blessings from their visits and most of the time if not always they are asked to visit.. lets not make problems out of nothing.
  • Not trying to make any sort of problem-- I live in NJ and since we are part of the Archdiocese, any Bishop can come and go freely with permission of the Pope. I can't tell you how many Bishops are here (or were here) after Easter. I am just curious why they all travel around. For example, HG Bishop Youssef of Bolivia is travelling between Florida and Canada, HE Metropolitan Bakhomious was here in NJ last week, Their Graces Bishops Paula, Youannes, Benjamin and Rofail also visited recently. I'm not complaining, I am just curious as to why they need to leave their jurisdiction if they are not coming to medical reason, and why after the Feast and specifically this feast.
  • oh ok my bad, i thought it was one of those "bishops shouldnt leave their dioceses ever" kind of thread
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