Difference between oriental orthodox and Easter orthodox

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HIII  :)
Does anybody know the difference between Oriental Orthodox like us the copts and Eastern orthodox like the Greeks ?

Also whats the difference between us and the episcopals?


  • try this website:
    basically we believe the same thing, but in 451AD there was a bit of a disagreement which lasted till 1990.
    you are not allowed to take Holy Communion with them unless you get special permission from your priest and also the eastern orthodox priest.
    in the future (i hope, in my lifetime) we will take Holy Communion together.

    episcopalians are usa anglicans. they are currently famous for being very liberal and not believing very much from the Bible.
    episcopal is an adjective meaning that your church has a bishop. you can use it for lots of protestant, catholic and orthodox churches.
  • Ohhh thanksssss :)
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