Greetings from Armenia!

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I am an Armenian girl living in Yerevan.  belong to the Armenian Apostolic Church, which makes the Oriental Orthodox Chruch with Coptic, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Syriac, Indian Orthodox Churches. HH Pope Shenouda's works had a strong impact on my spiritual growth. Hope I am welcomed to this community as I believe I will learn a lot from you. God bless you all! :)


  • Welcome, Agape!!!

    Of course you are most welcomed to this community! We are blessed to have you here, and we are sure that we here will also learn a lot from you. There is but one church, and since you are a faithful member of the Armenian Apostolic church, you are indeed a member of that one church. From that, there is no separation between Coptic, Armenian, or anything else. We are one church, and one body! So welcome to the site, and you are indeed at home here :D

  • Welcome!
  • The Coptic Church is indeed in communion with the Armenian Church and our saints book (Synexarium) mentions several Armenian saints.

    We mention St Gregory the Armenian in every liturgy.

  • Parev! Hye em es, but I don't speak it well. I am in America.  Welcome to the board.
  • Welcome!
  • Thank you all for your warm welcome!! :)
  • it's evening here in the uk, so time to say
    kesher paree!
    (don't know if i spelled it right)
    it's the only thing i know in armenian, and the guy who taught me it emigrated to canada and never sent me his forwarding address, so i missed lesson 2!
  • Right! Only it's in Western Armenian; in Eastern Armenian (the offical language of Armenia) we spell like "gisher bari" :)
  • Inch-besas? Welcome to this forum ...
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