Anger directed at friends, family or even priests

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i was angry at a priest, he favoured another deacon over me, why? i dont know, i was mad for awhile and it hurt me deep inside to know my years of deaconship are not appreciated sometimes, to make a long story short, how do u think i should approach the priest


  • well im not sure how that priest favored another deacon over u, but for whatever reason, in any case, being a deacon is not some sort of competition, there is no need to be jealous or envious of anyone, you are a deacon, because you, from your heart, want to serve God, u serve Him not just with your lips, but you praise Him with all your heart, whether aboona favors someone else or not over u shouldnt matter, why do u want to be "appreciated" ? does earthly glory matter? do u want praise from people or praise from God?, when u stand as a deacon, all your concentration should be focused on God, u sing with your voice that He gave you, to praise His blessed name, because u really love Him so much, dont concentrate on whether u get to sing a hymn or not on the mic, whether u get to read the gospel or not, whether aboona choses u for something or not, just concentrate on the one whom you love the most above all things, Jesus Christ, your saviour,
    God bless u
    pray 4 me the sinner
  • +Hey ..its angela....i think that you should approach the priest normally......just imagine that he is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who suffered for us...or imagine that the lord is next to you....he will give you the strength and power as you go up to abouna.."do not worry of what you shall say or speak for the Holy Spirit will come upon you that very hour"......
    don't worry too much but know that the Lord up there is watching you and being proud of you.....and if God is with you then who is against you??....Just lift your heart unto the Lord:-)+ :)
    God Bless
  • my friend i know exactly how u feel, it hapned 2 me b4, the only thing i can say is get ur mind off it and dont dwell on it 4 tooo long.
  • a monk once asked an elder and said "Father when can I get angry and not sin?"
    the elder replied, "If your brother cuts your finger off do not be angry. If he tries to take you away from christ then be angry and do not sin."

    Christos Anesty
    Alithos Anesty!
  • Marcleno,
    That is a great expression. ;D

    Alithos Anesti!
  • Tell the priest your angry, so next time he knows and he doesn’t hurt anyone else’s feelings. priests are humble they don’t do it on purpose- if you confront the issue chances are he will watch what he says to deacons, or what his actions say
  • I think it's non-sense, no offence, but sometimes this happens to me too,

    Church mysteries are to be done, doesn't matter by who, right?

    If you watch Priests and elder deacons you see them out of humility not accepting a high part or given the Reading assigned to them to someone else...

    Plus I do not think the Priest meant anything...

    Remmber bro, in the Church, right after Abouna says pray he says Bless, to the other priest, and then the other Priest goes : You bless. Out of humility, they think others deserve to do this part and they don't.....

    If u think about it this way then your jealousy will be washed away...

    Hope I helped...

  • Dear Samuel,

    I know how you feel, i have had such experience, simmilar sinario (can't spell) tough. I wont talk about what happened, but it made me wonder why he did that.

    I guess there are two things that we have to remmeber here.

    1. The priest is still human

    2. Some doe it with a good intension or an obvious reason (most cases fit in this catigory)

    Now since this topic icludes friends and other people, let me share this experience with you,

    TODAY, while queing up for a ride in the fate at our school, one kid was behind me and was trying to slap another person in fornt of me. The kid's hand went instead into one of my friend's eyes. Seeing this I went up to the guy, "hey watch who you are hitting".

    Funnly enough the response came like this: "What the F***, are you Who the F*** are you, did I ht you, do you want to start S***..." then came a head lock which i got out of and then...basically we were about to have a fight.

    Now ladies and gentelmen, I can tell you that this insidnet wrecked the good mood for the day and still makes me angry even as a write it now, what I can't tell you is why he acted that way why he got so agressive, I still haven't figured out the science behindthat emotional "explosion", nor the hurt which i still feel 'till now.

    May God help us forgive and Forget
  • I have a friend who teaches coptic in my church. She was giving a lesson one day and she told us that she gets upset when someone compliments her on her teaching or her voice. We were boggled and we questioned her about it. She told us that when someone gives her a compliment on earth, they've taken her reward from her in heaven. She took the glory on earth so it's gone from heaven.

    I do know what you mean though. When stuff like that happens to me, depending on the situation, I may get bent out of shape. But don't stress about it. God does everything for a reason, he always wants the best for us.

    God be with you and help you.
  • I very much agree with Princess Mary. You are absolutely right and I am very happy to read your views. Defender you're also quite right. We must always remember that we serve God and no matter what happens we shouldn't think why? or try to rationalise things? I do as I am told......... either to read, serve in the alter or anything else... I find it hard sometimes to concentrate on the mass if I am looking after something else. You shouldn't be angry at Abouna and shouldn't let it affect your service
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