Paradise of the Fathers - Questions

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It seems that the forum's level of maturity is slowly but surely increasing. I have read many conversations recently that were able to be an actual forum of thoughts and spiritual discussion by clearly learned people, and so I'm excited to learn more. I have a question here which I was hoping some of these giants could answer.

What do you make of the apparent Gnostic thoughts in the Paradise of the fathers? Some dangerous ideologies which take root in overly ascetic acts? What do you make of the demonic atmosphere of the Paradise of the Fathers? We have many stories of the devil attacking people, burning their rugs etc. Do you think these are all true? If some are true, and others are not, does that threaten the integrity of the entire book? Regarding demons, how does one reconcile the desert father's views of demons with modern psychology?

Does the desert life of solitude fit in with the model of the early church? Does it need to fit in?

So I posed many question, please give ideas, and no need to answer all of them if you want to just focus on what you can with your time.



  • RO,

    I am so glad that you started this thread because I read your comment on another thread which made me think about the authenticity of the Paradise of the fathers. Are you able to post specific stories that would prove the points that you are questioning?

    In Christ,
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