Liturgy of the Pre-sanctified Gifts in Coptic Orthodox Church?



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    Very interesting.  I did not even know as much about my own Church's practices as Fr. Peter does.
  • I always thought that us not preserving the Holy Mysteries was in accordance with the fact that for Passover it was mandated that the lamb be finished, and none of it be preserved for another day.
  • @Lovejoypeace_ I was taught it was like the Manna of the Israelites, where none was to be kept.
    However, I read someone in this thread say that the offerings shouldn't leave the church except for Communion of the Sick... What about Baraka?!
  • @Lovejoypeace_ Baraka is the name for the orbanas that are offered but not selected as the Lamb. They're blessed but not used in the Liturgy. All throughout my life, it's been broken up and distributed to the congregation after the Liturgy.
  • baraka=eulogia...refers to the leftover orban presented for the Lamb to be chosen of. Like Daniel said, they are blessed by one signing, but they don't exactly have to be. While some churches break it up and distribute it to the congregation after liturgy, others has abouna(s) or the bishop(s) gave it out to the people. This makes sense more because this idea of the eulogia replaces the aghapy meal that should always take place after the liturgy. 
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