Hi !

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Hi !
I am Peter from Poland, I am 16, and I am Roman Catholic. You may ask - so whatfor are you here ? Hmmm ... I like East Christian Churches. I appreciate that they keep the Holy Tradition of Christianity. Moreover I am very interested in liturgies, and I am looking for recordings, books, and other stuff on this topic. In this site I found a lot of interesting things.

Mass liturgy is to me something incredible. It is connection with Jesus, with the mystery of his death and ressurection. This unbeliveble state of being with God ... That is why, I think, the liturgy ought to be celebrated with great attention. Unfortunately, for me, many catholic priests , especially here in Poland, do this neglectfully ...

I wish You, may Your priests do this better, and may it be very deep moments with God. Our God.


  • welcome... we are proud to have you on the site.
  • hey Peter. welcome come to this site. everything that u are looking u are bound to find it o this site. hope to hear from u soon.

    God Bless, Rene
  • welcome peter we are proud to have u on this site ;D
  • hay peter welcome to this wonderful and we r very very happy for u joining on her

    GB ALL
  • Welcome Peter. Thats cool that you are from Poland.. I hope you enjoy this site. It's really fun and everyone is liek a big hel p to everyone. If you ever have any problems, feel free to ask or PM one of us. Alright, welcome

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