saint makarius

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hi, guys,
it's the feast of saint makarius tomorrow!

please celebrate by posting your favourite bits from saint makarius' homilies or stories about saint makarius.

to start you off, i will explain that 'makarius' means blessed or happy.
it is the word in the original greek in matthew 5 where it says 'blessed are the poor in spirit' etc. (toba in arabic)


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    'makarius' means blessed or happy.

    Happy like mabsoota  ;)
  • St. Macarius knew how to be kind to those outside the Christian community. He knew that loving words had a greater effect than harsh ones. The story is told of his once having walked with a younger monk, and passing by a pagan priest, whom the younger monk greeted rather insultingly. But St. Macarius gave him a loving greeting, so much so that the pagan asked why St. Macarius was so thoughtful. The monk answered that he felt sorry for one who did not know that all his worship and effort were in vain. So deeply impressed was the pagan that he ended by joining the monastery, and becoming a model Christian, who attracted many other pagans by his own love and care for them.
  • Once, St Macarius was walking and saw a skull lying upon the ground. He asked, “Who are you?” The skull answered, “I was a chief priest of the pagans. When you, Abba, pray for those in hell, we receive some mitigation.”

    The monk asked, “What are these torments?” “We are sitting in a great fire,” replied the skull, “and we do not see one another. When you pray, we begin to see each other somewhat, and this affords us some comfort.” Having heard such words, the saint began to weep and asked, “Are there still more fiercesome torments?” The skull answered, “Down below us are those who knew the Name of God, but spurned Him and did not keep His commandments. They endure even more grievous torments.”

    There is more where this comes from:

    In Christ
  • thanks, theophilus.
    i got to go to church today on the feast day of saint makarius!
    anyone else want to share?
    or to ask questions?
    would u like us to post some passages from his sermons?
    i have homilies 17, 18 and 19 if anyone is interested.
  • [quote author=mabsoota link=topic=14357.msg164114#msg164114 date=1365197358]

    would u like us to post some passages from his sermons?
    i have homilies 17, 18 and 19 if anyone is interested.

    That would be lovely!
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