Attacks on Coptic Church in Libya

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Does anyone have more info about the attacks on the Copts in Libya? What exactly is going on there?


  • I read this on an arabic site, not a trustworthy source:
    - A copt is accused of the crime of evangelizing.
    - Other copts got angry, they burned the lybian flag.
    - Other muslims got angrier, they burned (not totally) the coptic church there.

    The Pope i think is meeting with their ambassador today.
  • From what I understand the following:

    Libya after its civil war doesn't have a centralized police, army or security. Parts of the country are ruled by local militias some of which are affiliated with Al Qaeda and the like. There was the arrest of Christians, one of which was an Egyptan but he wasn't Coptic, he was an Evangelical and was arrested for allegedly evangelizing. He died from either torture or lack of medicine in custody. In addition, some 50-100 Copts were arrested as well. Their heads were shaved off. Apparently, most of them have been deported to Egypt or released. There was a protest in front of the Libyan embassy and it turned somewhat tense (burned flags, forcefully put Egyptian flag instead, etc.) and in response, Libyan Muslims responded by attacking the Benghazi Church again. Finally this weekend, it was reported that 4 Christians were arrested on the basis of being Christians at a militia checkpoint. The Libyan gov't keeps on claiming it will investigate these atrocities against Copts. However, I wouldn't put much hope into that because even if they were willing (doubt it), they are also completely incapable anyways of standing up to these Islamic militias.

    So please pray for our poor brothers and sisters in Libya.
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