Weekend/Weekday Rites?

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Where did our church get the idea of splitting up rites into weekend and weekday? We have Adam/Watos and Sunday/Rest of week. It seems very odd to me that the church fathers grouped Rites by the weekends. Where did this come from and what is the reason for it? I know that Sunday is "special day" out of the whole week and the only significance for Saturday (as compared to the other days) is that Sunday's vespers is on Saturday so I still don't understand why weekdays have completely different rites than weekends ONLY for Lent


  • it's so the old subseacons still have something to learn, even if they are very old and have been studying coptic orthodox services all their life...
  • Sunday is the day of the Resurrection, so it has its own rites.
    Weekdays (during the Great Fast or not), are more solemn/supplication days.
    For example, during the weekdays (outside of the Great Fast), we do not chant "Alleluia this is the day..."
  • it actually has to do with the fact that since we don't have abstaining sunday so we asheya for the day. In order for asheya to be done we need to pray the psalms for vespers and so on. Usually during the week we pray them all during the liturgy but we cant do that if were gonna do 3asheya. So we also dont abstain saturday so that we can do 3asheya and pray the psalms at night. Not sure 100% but it may be part of the full explanation
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