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A friend of mine who is a Coptic high school girl wants to get a nose piercing what do you think about it and why?

Personally I disagree with it since I don't see the point of it.

In Christ,


  • Perhaps rather than tell her it's wrong, ask her simply why she feels the need to get it and what sort of fulfillment she expects to receive from it.
    She may ascribe no motivation for her intention-that she's getting it for the sake of getting it.
    However, press her, and tell her that every action we make outside of ourselves and every decision we make inside of ourselves comes about for a purpose that we perceive will achieve something.

    There's a transitory void she's feeding. Whatever pleasure or fulfillment she'll receive from the piercing is a mirrored & a more satisfying pleasure that Christ is waiting to give her. A pleasure that is more genuine and rooted in His universal love.

    She need not ornament herself to run after a pleasure she won't find in the first place. This piercing is but a symptom of a need only Christ can offer her & as Fr Matthew the poor said, the lack of the constant awareness of love received from God.

    The reason why youth go to these facades to begin with is because they were never rooted in Christ nor the mystery of life with Him.

    Bring Christ to her
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