Mystery of Marriage

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Official word on the Sacrament of Marriage! This Father explains it simply and exactly!
Something I have been trying to explain unsuccessfully  :)

Women are not 'sex' objects! This was not the original reason for God giving Eve to Adam! It is most important to be friends first. The best of friends!



  • Men in marriage; We are to suffer like Christ and also replace our ladies parents as it says in the wedding ceremony.

  •   One of the main problems I  that comes to mind even in my own marriage, is that sometimes, there is a lack of intimacy. When this happens, my thoughts go to what I have said above and that it is a similar situation where we are seperated from God and likewise go astray in what should be good for us.
      So I see a lack of intimacy as the big problem in marriage. Intimacy requires the time to be alone with each other and if I could relate that, it would be like prayer with all it's intimate communication with God.
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