Father of confessor problems

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so i been having father confessor problems... he pretty much lied to me and when i talked to him, he got upset because i called him out.. so i cant get myself to confess to him again since that situation and i don't see him as a FOC again. so the nearest priest is pretty far away so now i dont know where and to who to confess. any advice will be appreciated.


  • What do you mean by "pretty much" lied?
  • He lied to me
  • Some priests would accept confession over the phone, but not as norm, add others may give longer leeway to see you every time, so you may try.. there's no point sticking to abouna who you don't think you're benefiting from spiritually..
  • Hey Mina,

    If a priest lied to you, you have the full right to change a father of confession (FOC). Actually, even if he didn’t lie to you, you can still change a FOC. So, you won’t be doing anything wrong if you change a FOC.

    But imagine, if you go to your priest and tell him how much his action has hurt you. And you tell him that just like the two blessed sons of Noah has covered the nakedness of their father and get blessings; that you also want to cover his sin by forgiving him. I know what I am proposing is easy for me to say but very hard to do. But just imagine how many crowns you will receive from God for such an extraordinary act & you will save the soul of your priest by calling him to repentance.

    In any kind of relationship and most of all confession, once a trust is broken it takes a long time to heal. So, if you can’t forgive him yet its okay - just pray about it.

    May God give you his strength to go through such a tough time & also bring compunction to your priest.

    In Christ
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