WE LET HER DRIVE (acts 27:15)

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Hi every body i would like to take about something and i would like to know if you have a comment or a new idea.thanks.

All of us we know the story of st. Paul the desiple when he was on the ship underarrest and he was in his way to meet Caeser.
st. Luke said (the acts writer) ;
When they was in the ship and when the ship was caught,and could not bear up into the wind ,WE LET HER DRIVE.

And that's our point WE LET HER DRIVE. may be in Arabic the meaning more sensitive which it's mean we are giveup and the ship drive by itself by the hand of God.
And I wanna talk about the other ship which is us every one of us has his/her own ship which is the soul ....the sea is the world
the wind is the broblems ,crisis and the sin of the world..

Let's ask our self a question how many times we said like st. Lucke and st. Paul WE LET HER DRIVE or the other meaning WE GIVEUP AND LET THE HAND OF GOD DRIVE OUR LIFE ?

How many times we trayed to be smart enough in takeing alot of dicesions by our limeted mind and we fillt in ?
How many times we though that we are able to handle things in our life and we forgot that we can not bearup into the wind ?
And how many times from the begining we said about the hand of god WE LET HER DRIVE ?

God knows the future ,the present and the past so when he drive our life he depends on his unlimeted knowledge and that's be in our side .
on the other hand when we drive our life depends on our own limeted knowledge which we do not know the future we forgot the past and we even not focus at the present .so how we canhandle our life.
Let's feel the hand of god in our life let's feel his love and mercy
let's say together WE LET HER DRIVE .


  • hey emprocious,

    very good points there...
    leaving our life in the hands of the all-knowing God, instead of taking matters into our own hands and very likely mess things up for ourselves... something we should all strive to properly do...

    nice post! :)

    take care and God bless
  • theres actually something going on my life right now and i keep asking God to take care of it for me because i'm too weak and i'm just confused and i don't know what to do but i feel like He's not doing anything. nothing has changed and i really want it to but i'm too weak and confused to do anything about it.
  • hey cremedelescremes,

    remember your Strength is Christ...
    if you're confused keep praying. just because He doesnt answer right away doesn't mean He's not listening.
    He's just waiting for the right time, His time, to intervene and do somthing about it.

    you just have to Trust and Know for sure that He'll always be there for you and help you out and take care of your matters.
    after all, He did tell us "Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Matt 11:28

    it's really hard sitting back and waiting, letting time pass, but its the only way to show you trust Him and want Him to be incharge...

    if you feel weak, its because of sin - which is our weakness, so try praying more, fasting more (perhaps increasing your time of 'no food' by 1/2hr or somthing)... but always look to the Cross for strength...

    hope things go well with you

    take care and God bless
  • Belive me God know when and how he will let you know
    what you wanna know he said befor :every thing under heaven has a time. and personaly it hapened with me and honestly god really he know waht is the best time for us in every thing.
  • AMEN!! i really enjoyed the first bit emprocious its very nice and true
    and yes everything has a time absolutely correct

    GB ALL
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