Re: Elijah, Jezebel and Baal

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Does anyone know where World history ties in with Bible history? Trying to figure out where General Hannibal (Hanba'al) would be in realtion to the time of Elijah? The Punic wars were 247-185/82 B.C., would this be the same time as Elijah??


  • According to Biblical accounts and Biblical scholars, Elijah lived in the 9th century BC. The common belief is that King Ahab reigned for 22 years starting somewhere between 869-874 BC. The Punic wars occurred 500 years after the Biblical account of Elijah. I think any correlation between the two historical events is purely coincidental, if any exist at all.
  • Thank u very much Remnkemi. I did not think Ahab and Hannibal's life times where the same, but since Ahabs tiime was also a time of the worship of Baal, was just wondering if there was any relation. I know idol worship has existed through many centuries. I had read that Hannibals ancestry was from Canaa was just wondering how he came to be an idol worshipper.
    Do you know which Biblical time is the same time as Hannibals time? Where is Biblical history at 500 years after Elijah please?
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