Fasting during Festive Periods

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Hi everyone. I was thinking about this during liturgy today--

After the Feast of the Nativity, we remain in the festive tune, following the same rite as the Nativity until the feast of the Circumcision. This sounds very similar to the Holy 50 days. However, during the Holy 50 days, all fasting is suspended whereas in this 7 day period, we still fast Wednesdays and Fridays. How does this make sense? How can we fast while singing in the joyful tune, following the rites of a festive, non-fasting day? What makes the Holy 50 days different than the 7 days after the Nativity?



  • What makes them different are church rituals and practices.. first two weeks of nativity fast are similar tune-wise to annual days, yet food changes.. same thing with baramoun days.. bottom line tunes are for specific purposes not related to fast or not..
    NB: there are only two ways of eating, fasting and non-fasting, although there's also the ascetic habit of eating during Holy Week, whilst there are six different tunes all year round
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